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Xobni – light on features, high on potential

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This blog has moved to has been great, but the lack of google analytics integration and support for other widgets and plug-ins have compelled me to host my own blog (with wordpress software).

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$10 if you can name “my mecca”

Adam sent me this picture with the subject line “Your Mecca”… thought it was really funny. $5 for anyone that can name what it is, $5 more if you provide the address…
If your initials are “TJ”, you’re not qualified to enter (and obviously, Adam, you can’t enter either)…

Happy commenting! =D

WordPress blocked in China… but so is everything else…


This may not be news to others but it’s news to me and I’m very annoyed by it. A friend of mine just messaged me from China saying he can’t access my blog. Searched around on Google and of course, China’s net army blocks all access to WordPress blogs. My immediate reaction was, if I had known, I would’ve gone with Blogger or Typepad instead of WordPress – that definitely wasn’t on my price performance checklist. A little more Googling and I found out that Blogger & Typepad are also blocked in China – not surprised but still very annoyed! I guess the easiest way to get around this is to host your own blog and steer clear of posting any Tiananmen Square pictures (oops!).

Adam & Leo on Startup Junkies – Season 2???

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Just walked out of an intro meeting with the producers of the show Startup Junkies which airs on MOJO TV – we’re exploring the possibility of starring in the show next season. How exciting! Initially, we contacted them after reading a post on John Cook’s blog about Screaming Flea Productions recruiting startups for their new season and thought we’d be a good fit.

I first came across the show while channel surfing one night (Comcast channel 664 for those of you in the Seattle area). It’s a good show to see the ups & downs a startup goes through and the atmosphere they work in, especially if you’re new to the industry. The current season features another Seattle based startup, Earth Class Mail, and documents the company’s struggles with product development, deployment & fundraising. Earth Class Mail is a well funded startup with a seasoned management team but the show is looking for some variety next season with a younger & less experienced crew (sounds like us). They have all their episodes on their website so feel free to tune in. We actually saw Ron Wiener (CEO of Earth Class Mail) at a MIT Venture Labs seminar last month but didn’t get a chance to talk to him.

Overall, the meeting went well and I think it’d be cool to get a chance to be on reality TV. As expected, we were asked about our marketing & fundraising plans as well as other potential checkpoints in the business where we can expect to see some drama. After all, this is reality TV and it’s no fun for the producers or the audience to see everyone holding hands and skipping along in a sunny garden with jolly smiles (then we’d be Teletubbies). It’s still early in the selection process so I’m not getting my hopes up too high and not quite sure what to expect out of the experience. On the plus side, we’ll get some great PR from the show and be able to leverage MOJO’s marketing engine – on the flipside, we’ve never had cameras in our lives so it would be “interesting” (for lack of a better word). Either way, I think it would be a fun experience if we end up doing it…

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