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Speeding up IE on your ThinkPad

Quick 2-step solution on something that’s bothered me for a while…  

Most tech geeks love MacBooks but I can’t let go of my ThinkPad. I love the clean, utilitarian and minimalist look which many hate but that’s not why I’m so attached to my ThinkPad. It’s the “nipple” mouse cursor on the keyboard that’s got me hooked. I’m so much more efficient with the “nipple” than using a touchpad because I don’t have to take my hand off the keyboard to perform simple, low accuracy, clicks & drag.


Anyways, one problem that’s bothered me for the longest time since I got my T61 is the lag when IE7 boots up. Every time I open a new window or a new tab, there’s usually a 2-5 second lag before anything loads. Initially I thought anti-virus software was the culprit so I disabled all the background processes that weren’t mission critical but the problem persisted. After a quick search online, I found the solution. The lag is due to the ThinkVantage Client Security directories and here’s how you disable them:

1. Go to Tools > Manage Add-ons > Enable or Disable Add-ons…


2. Find the CPwmIEBrowserHelper Object and disable it… that’s it, simple as that.



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